Spoke and Leaf Farm

Spoke and Leaf Farm is a woman owned and operated hand scale farm located in the foothills of the Oregon coast range. Currently a mini farm growing 1/2 acre of vegetables using chemical-free, vegan, water conserving, minimal tillage methods.

Started in 2015, Spoke and Leaf Farm is the heart project of Bonnie Hildebrand. Begun with the intent to grow delicious vegetables (and eventually fruits) with minimal environmental impact and to provide high quality produce for those in need. Located on 43 hilly acres of abandoned Christmas trees, we are in the process of reclaiming the land to native forest, vegetable and fruit growing. We grow our vegetables in accordance with organic standards and use only materials approved organic (OMRI listed), though we have chosen not to certify at this time as we feel the certification does not fully reflect our growing practices.
We also forgo use of any animal by-product based fertilizers or other amendments in accordance with our vegan ethics and to mitigate the potential hazards of such materials. Instead, we rely on plant matter and minerals as fertilizers and soil amendments. Crop rotation, cover crops and planting pollinator and 'good' insect attracting plants to mitigate the need for insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
We practice minimal and no-till to protect ground dwelling native bees and encourage healthy soil microbial action and, as Aristotle said, "the intestines of the soil", earthworms! We believe that the best way for you to feel good about how your food is grown is to get to know us. We encourage you to visit during an on-farm event, learn how we grow the vegetables, participate in our work if you choose, and most of all, ask all the questions you have.

2016 brought the start of a CSA for farm supporters and continues to this day with a 22 week season. 2018 shares are available as a full 22 weeks or in blocks of 8 or 6 weeks. Home delivery is available for select areas of Portland. Pick-up also available in outer NE Portland and at the People's Co-op Farmers Market. Shares are designed for weekly pick-up and to feed 2-3 veggie loving people from late May to early November. Please click here to see the full CSA information and to join!


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